Should It Be Luggage or Personal Shipping?

luggage or personal shipping

If you are heading overseas for any length of time, you need to consider bringing more than a handful of outfits and toiletries. Whether you are studying abroad, taking up a work contract in another country, retiring to a sunny climate or trying out life as a digital nomad, you have an assortment of personal possessions you don’t want to leave behind. So you must decide if it is better to bring them as luggage or send them as personal shipping.

International shipping companies aren’t just for commercial freight or containers packed with a houseful of furniture. You can also use personal shipping to send a few boxes of your belongings to another country, or ship even cars and motorcycles.

Some things are obviously not going to work as luggage, such as exercise equipment. But other things are not so clear. So how do you decide what to send via personal shipping?

The first question to consider is your own journey. Will you have to change planes along the way? How much time do you have and how much luggage can you comfortably carry? Sending as much as possible with one of the trusted international shipping companies operating in Ireland can make your travel much smoother and less stressful. If you can manage to take what you need in your carry on luggage and use personal shipping for everything else, that makes going through security and changing planes so much easier than if you have to collect your bags and haul them across the airport.

What Can You Send in Your Personal Shipping?

If you really want to travel light and keep your connections manageable, the less luggage you carry the better. Bring some essentials in your carry-on bag, such as a couple of changes of clothing, toiletries and anything small you need immediately. If you are in a position to have whichever of the international shipping companies you choose to send things before you leave, you won’t have to wait long for them.

If you are going abroad for several months, you can send clothing you will need as the seasons’ change in your personal shipping. That means you have everything you need, and won’t need to shop for a whole new wardrobe in a new place. Books are weighty, and if you have reference or other books you’ll need, you can send those as well.

International shipping companies can also take sports equipment such as golf clubs, balls, tennis rackets, etc. If you plan to go camping in your new location, you can send your tent, sleeping bag and other gear in your personal shipping.

While some items are so precious and sentimental that you might prefer to carry them, most of your personal belongings can be sent with international shipping companies. Your favourite bedding, some must-have kitchen things, bulky winter clothes, board games, and furniture can all be shipped to your new location to make it more like home.