Sending Your Motorcycle as Personal Shipping


Whether you are heading abroad to study for a year or making a permanent move overseas, you don’t have to say goodbye to your beloved motorcycle. Of course, depending on where you are going and for how long you are going, it’s possible that bureaucracy will be on your way to the road, but most of the times the process is as fast as checking how to registering, getting insurance and have a full understanding of road rules.

After checking that and if you’re ready to go, follow these simple four steps to send your bike via personal shipping to your new destination:

  1. Send it to our mechanic to a full review: you should know before transporting if your bike is fully working or if it has any mechanical issue. Your trustworthy mechanic will also be able to ensure that no fluids are leaking, that the tyres are inflated and that the battery is well charged.
  2. Make sure that the tank is not full: most people think that while shipping a motorcycle, the first thing to check is if your tank is full, in order to have enough gas arriving in your new destination. The truth is quite the opposite: the petrol tank should be no more than a quarter full. That’s only a preventive action to save yourself some hassle arriving on the new destination and looking for some fuel, but also crucial in the case of having some leak during the transportation process.
  3. Clean it and take notes of pre-existed damage: by cleaning and reviewing your bike before sending it to your shipping company, you’ll assure that your vehicle will arrive at your destination on the same way that you delivery it and also have a double guarantee that your shipping company will thoroughly address any damaged caused. Take pictures of your motorcycle during this process and keep them with you until the shipping process is concluded.
  4. Ask your shipping company if they need anything else from you: some companies ask the client to give them a set of keys while the bike is in transit, as well as other documents. It’s always important to review it and make sure that you’re attending all the safety procedures.   

At Spratt Personal Shipping, we’ve shipped motorcycles around the world. When you call us for a freight quote, we’re happy to answer any questions you have about using personal shipping to get your bike wherever you’re going.

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