How to Pack Your Overseas Shipping

How to Pack Your Overseas ShippingPreparing your belongings for overseas shipping is largely the same as packing for any other move, but it has an extra dose of stress for most of us because of the distance and the novelty of everything. Of course, your belongings will be in transit for longer, so that does mean you need to pack them with extra care. Personal shipping services don’t include packing, but we’ve got some top tips here for you to help ensure that everything arrives safe and sound.

One critical thing to remember is that overseas shipping is not generally a door to door service. Spratt Personal Shipping will collect your items from your home in Ireland, but you will need to collect them from the port or airport in your new location.

If you are shipping a lot of things, you will need to arrange for a moving van or service at your destination. Remember, at some point it is very likely that you will have to lift these boxes yourself. So do not overload them. Spread heavy items such as books between a few boxes to keep each box’s weight manageable.

Tips for Packing for Overseas Shipping

A few pro packing tips can help ensure that when the personal shipping services deliver your belongings, they are in perfect condition and easy to unpack in your new home.

  • Invest in sturdy containers for shipping. Cardboard boxes, especially ones you get from shops that were used for their merchandise, are more likely to break open. They simply won’t protect your belongings as well.
  • Label all of your boxes so you know exactly what is in each. International moves can be chaotic. With so much on your mind, don’t rely on your memory about what is in each box. Create a written list to keep with you so you know precisely what is in the box you marked ‘kitchen’, for example.
  • Use your towels and bedding to pad your more fragile items. This saves on the cost of buying packing materials as well replacing your linens. It’s an eco-friendly option that also provides superior protection. Personal shipping services will take good care of your items, but some movement, while they are in transit, is unavoidable.
  • If your overseas shipping includes furniture, that will need protection as well. You can purchase furniture covers for shipping. Secure the moving blankets or covers well so they don’t slip off of your furniture.

  • Don’t put liquids in your overseas shipping. Check your kitchen things and toiletries. Changes in temperature and movement in transit can lead to disaster. Put your shampoos, perfumes, lotions, etc. in sealed plastic containers in your checked baggage, and put the containers into plastic bags.

An international move is always an exciting moment. Having some insight into how to pack for overseas shipping and knowing the personal shipping services you’ve chosen are second to none helps. At Spratt Personal Shipping, we’re happy to answer any questions about how our services work.