Send Your Motorcycle by Overseas Shipping

The way we travel is changing, and your motorcycle is more appealing than ever. Maybe you once dreamed of touring Europe or North America by train, but need a new plan in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Or perhaps you are relocating for work or education and are reconsidering your plans to commute on public transportation. Part of the joy of spending time abroad is getting to explore both the famous sights and those precious places beloved by locals that have never made it into a guidebook. In those situations and many more, a good motorcycle is an excellent alternative.

If you already have a bike, you know it gives you more freedom than public transportation without some of the inconveniences and expenses cars can pose. The good news is that you can send your motorcycle anywhere in the world with overseas shipping. Yes, it involves some extra work, but it is usually totally worth it for the freedom it gives you.  

Getting Your Motorcycle Ready for Overseas Shipping

The first step is to learn about the regulations for importing vehicles to your destination, which are different everywhere. You’ll need information about taxes, customs, insurance, licences, traffic regulations and more. No matter where you are going, your motorcycle needs to be ready before you pass it on to any international shipping companies. To prepare your motorcycle for overseas shipping, follow these steps: 

  • Empty out any storage on the bike. You don’t want any surprises waiting for you there when you arrive; 
  • Have a spare set of keys made. Some international shipping companies will want a key;
  • Take it to your mechanic for a good check over. Ask them to be extra sure it doesn’t have any leaks;
  • Make sure the tyres are properly inflated;
  • Clean the motorcycle thoroughly, including any storage areas. Any dirt on the bike in transit can cause rust;
  • The battery should be well charged up before you send the bike;
  • Do not fill up the tank. The petrol tank should be no more than a quarter full;
  • Take photos to document the condition of your bike before it leaves your hands.

When you are contacting international shipping companies for quotes, ask them about their experience shipping motorcycles overseas. Don’t trust your beloved bike to just anyone. At Spratt Personal Shipping, we have experience safely delivering motorcycles all around the world.

Travelling by motorcycle is a magical way to experience a new place. And in these strange times, travelling on your bike with a small tent provides some safety as well as freedom and flexibility. It isn’t easy travelling these days, but it is possible to do it safely and sensibly while also having an amazing adventure.