Packing Tips for Personal Shipping

Whenever and whatever you’re shipping, the goal is to get your items there as safely and inexpensively as possible. Using these tried-and-true packing tips can help you get the cheapest shipping rate whether you are sending something across Ireland or overseas. These tips for packing boxes will also help the environment as well as your wallet.

Tips for personal shipping
  1. Use Reusable Boxes & Suitcases
    It is a false economy to use boxes you get for free from the grocery store. They are likely to fall apart or dirty your belongings with traces of whatever was in them before. Instead, you can use sturdy plastic storage boxes or suitcases. You don’t necessarily have to go out and buy these new ones either. Check your local freecycle page or charity shops. Ask friends and family. Unlike cardboard, suitcases and plastic boxes are easy to clean. You can sometimes get clean, sturdy cardboard boxes when you buy things online. And we all know someone who saves those ‘good boxes’ just in case, so again, ask around and you might be surprised at how easy it is to get them for your personal shipping without paying a cent.

  2. Eco Friendly Packing Materials
    You don’t have to shop around for some fancy biodegradable packing material to avoid using plastic bubble wrap. If you are packing dishes or other fragile items, you can wrap them in your own towels and bedding. Line your boxes with more towels and pack clothing between items in each box. You’re not only saving the planet; you’re also reducing the number of boxes being shipped. That helps you get the cheapest shipping rate you can. Newspaper is also good because you can recycle it. Just make sure you don’t use it next to anything the ink will damage such as your favourite white top. Fill up each box completely so there isn’t room for things to move around in transit.

  3. Pack Smart for an Easier Move
    The personal shipping company you chose will transport your things from A to B, but you will have to lift your boxes and unpack them. These packing tips will make that easy. Many people make the mistake of packing all of their books together, but that makes for some very heavy boxes. It puts the box and your back at risk. Instead, pack some books in most of your boxes (except for the ones that have very fragile items!). Otherwise, do try to keep everything in one box in the same room. Put all the kitchen things in one box, all the toiletries and bathroom things in another, etc. Label everything. Yes, it will take some time when you are packing but you’ll be very glad when you are unpacking and need to find something quickly.

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