Packing Your Kitchen for International Shipping from Ireland

Packing Your Kitchen for International Shipping from Ireland

Trying new foods can be one of the most fun parts about moving overseas and discovering a new culture. And food can also be a big part of those inevitable feelings of homesickness. In any culture, one thing stands out about those who have arrived as immigrants – they tend to bring their favourite recipes with them. And those dishes can be a fantastic ice breaker when you are making new friends. Some cuisines are beloved around the world because immigrants brought them. You can now find Chinese, Italian and Indian foods globally. So if you are preparing to leave Ireland for a new life in a new country, don’t underestimate the importance of packing up your kitchen.

Of course, your loved ones back home can use personal shipping services to send your favourite brands of tea and crisps, but being able to cook familiar dishes in your new kitchen can be an enormous source of comfort. The trick is that different countries use different cooking methods and systems of measurement. Your new kitchen can be blend of familiar and new cooking equipment and tools if you pack up some essentials for international shipping from Ireland.

Planning for Your New Kitchen

The first thing to know is that you cannot bring your electrical appliances unless you are moving to Britain. Otherwise, they would require an adaptor to work with the electrical system. You can do some research online to see what is available there to replace what you have.

Depending on where you are going, the measurement system might be different. If you are moving to the United States, for example, you will find people measure ingredients in cups and ounces rather than grams and litres. You won’t see kitchen scales in people’s homes, but you can certainly bring yours. A little planning ahead means you can make your granny’s tried and true Christmas cake without any last minute panic searching for the measuring tools you need.

teapot is essential when Packing Your Kitchen for International Shipping

Tea is a staple of Irish life, but you’ll find it isn’t the same everywhere. Don’t forget your favourite teapot and tea cosy because the options you find elsewhere might disappoint. (Bring a supply of your favourite tea too because that is notoriously disappointing elsewhere.) Pint glasses might not be essential, but they can give you a sense of familiar comfort in your new home if everything around you is overwhelmingly new and different.

When you move overseas, it is exciting and fun to immerse yourself in your new home and learn all about its culture. But it is also a huge change, and it can be hard some days. Having a few kitchen staples from home to make yourself a familiar dish can be a huge comfort. And they are easy to include in your international shipping from Ireland. Many people find themselves missing food from home much more than they expected because food is such a primal and comforting thing.

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