Should You Bring Your Bedding?

Should You Bring Your Bedding when relocating?

When you are relocating overseas, you have to assess everything you own and decide if you want to bring it or replace it. Some things are obvious. Moving your refrigerator across the world makes zero sense! Your favourite outfits, most sentimental jewellery and other small, special things are easy to take and hard to live without. But a whole lot of things fall in the middle, and you have to really consider if it is worth it to include them in your personal shipping. Your bedding is one of those things.

On the one hand, it’s bulky. Duvets, blankets and pillows take up a lot of space in boxes, so it might seem like a no-brainer to just replace them. On the other hand, if you find yourself reluctant to part with them, there are some very good reasons to consider packing your bedding and bringing it with you. You need to ask yourself a few questions to determine if you should include your bedding in your personal shipping.

Questions to Ask Before You Pack

A few different factors influence whether or not it makes sense to bring your bedding when you move overseas. Here’s what to consider.

·         Is your bedding in good condition? If you’ve recently invested in some good quality sheets and duvet covers, you might not want to part with them. But if they are close to the end of their useful life as bedding and on the verge of being rags, it’s a different story.

·         What’s the climate like in your destination? If you are moving from Ireland to a tropical climate, you aren’t likely to need that heavy duvet and those fluffy throw blankets. Be sure to really investigate, though, because mountain areas can be dramatically cooler even in very warm countries, and even deserts can be quite cold at night.

·         How expensive is it to replace locally? The price of household goods can be shockingly different in different countries. Just look at the difference in price in a bottle of wine in Ireland versus France or Spain! Make sure replacing your bedding won’t be more expensive than overseas shipping.

·         Can you use it as packing material? If you are bringing fragile items such as glassware, crockery or ornaments in your personal shipping, you want to be sure they are protected with lots of padding. You can save money and protect the environment by lining a box with a duvet and wrapping your fragile items in sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers. (You can also use towels and even clothing for this.)

Planning your overseas relocation can feel overwhelming and exciting at the same time. You have to consider so many details! But Spratt Personal Shipping has helped countless people move all over the world, and our staff knows the best way to get your belongings from Ireland to your new home. Whether you need a freight quote or details of where we can offer door to door shipping, we can help.