All Treats, No Tricks: Parcel Delivery Services for Halloween

parcel-delivery-services-halloweenIreland is the birthplace of Halloween, which began as the ancient holiday Samhain. Emigrants took the idea with them and it evolved into the holiday we know today. While the American version of carved pumpkins, sweets and elaborate costumes has come back to us here, it is a time when the Irish abroad can feel especially homesick. But if that number includes your loved ones, you can use international parcel delivery services to send them some of the real Irish celebration they can’t find where they are. Whether you are shipping to USA, Canada, South America, Australia, Europe, Asia or Africa, you might be surprised at how affordable a parcel delivery quote is to send a simple box of seasonal goodies.

The Celtic New Year began on 1st November. People believed the veil between this world and the world of the dead wore thinner and thinner over the year, so on the last night of the year – 31st October – the souls of the dead and various other ghouls could easily enter this world. Modern Halloween traditions have their roots in people trying to outsmart the spirits. They carved scary faces on turnips to frighten off the ghouls. Over the generations, the way the Irish passed the day evolved to focus the bonfires and barmbrack we know today.

Boxing Up an Irish Halloween

While you can’t send a bonfire or bangers with parcel delivery services, you can send many other fixings of a traditional Irish Halloween. Irish chocolate is distinctive, and the brands here are not available everywhere. If you want to send some barmbrack or a package of little sweets to a loved one abroad, it is crucial that you check the rules for their country. 

Generally speaking, store-bought food that won’t spoil is fine, but your homemade goods are not always allowed. Food should have its original label that states the ingredients and expiration date. Rules vary by country, so shipping to USA, for example, is different from shipping to Japan. Check the rules for the country in question to make sure your package is allowed.

As long as you are sending a treat, think about what else your loved one would be delighted to receive. Are they craving their favourite brand of Irish tea or crisps? Those are both light, so they won’t add significantly to your parcel delivery quote. And they are packaged, commercial foods, so most countries will allow them. Biscuits weight a little bit more, but are still fairly light. And they go with the tea!

For students, Halloween arrives around the time the novelty of their new location is wearing off. It is a great time to use parcel delivery services send a treat that reminds them they are loved back home. After all, everyone loves getting a parcel and no one outgrows Halloween treats. Call us today for information about getting a parcel delivery quote to brighten up someone’s Halloween. We promise it won’t scare you!