How Express Shipping to Canada Works

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If you have loved ones in Canada, you know the pressure of trying to get things they need from home to them. Maybe it is a student who is homesick and craves their favourite tea and crisps or a sibling who decided he actually does want his skis after all. Perhaps they’ve been disappointed to learn their favourite cosmetics or shaving products aren’t available there. Birthdays have a way of sneaking up on us, and that is the sort of problem express shipping to Canada can solve. When you need to get something from here to there quickly, our parcel delivery services make it easy.

If you want to send food, express shipping to Canada is the best way to get it there quickly. But you need to know there are restrictions in place about what you can send. Any food shipped to Canada must be in the sealed, original packaging, and that packaging must include a list of ingredients. Food should also arrive at least six months before its expiration date. The Canadian Food Inspection Authority is responsible for rules about sending food to Canada. Of course, crisps and biscuits are very fragile, so it is important to pack them carefully with lots of padding.

Shipping of dangerous goods such as explosives (including fireworks/ bangers), weapons and the like is forbidden.

Using Parcel Delivery Services to Canada

Whether you are using regular or express shipping to Canada, it is important to prepare your parcel properly. Pack fragile items well, and ensure your parcel is sealed securely. International shipping companies must know what is in the shipment. We need an itemized list to include every item, its monetary value and its country of origin. This is required by the Canada Border Services Agency.

Spratt Personal Shipping will collect your parcel from your home (or other location you request) and bring them to our warehouse. We dispatch items by air daily for express shipping to Canada. You can choose to have them sent door-to-door or the recipient can then collect them at the nearest international airport. We ship to Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Montreal, Regina, St. John New Brunswick, St. John Newfoundland, Saskatoon, Toronto, Vancouver and Winnipeg, as well as other destinations. We also offer weekly sea freight parcel delivery services to Canada.

Whether you want to send some treats to a loved one in Canada to celebrate Halloween, Christmas or a birthday, our express shipping to Canada can ensure your parcel gets there on time. Likewise, if your loved one left something at home they now want, such as books, sports equipment or clothing, we can deliver it quickly. If you need fast and reliable parcel delivery services to Canada, get in touch today to learn how Spratt Personal Shipping can help.