Personal Shipping Services Vs. Removals Company: Which Is Better for Your Move?

That first move out of the family home isn’t that hard, in retrospect. You don’t own much, and your parents probably helped you get those few boxes and suitcases to your new place. But after that, moving house gets more complicated. You’ve accumulated possessions — fragile things, bulky furniture, sentimental items. As life goes on, many of us find moving more and more difficult. We might have children, less flexible work and fewer people available to help. Hiring a removals company to come in and do everything is tempting. But is it the best choice for you? You have an option between trusting everything you own to the movers and making multiple trips with your own car. Personal shipping services can make moving to a new home much easier while still leaving you in charge.

When you use personal shipping services to move house, you pack up all of your belongings securely. Then we come to your door to collect everything. We’ll add pallets and wrapping as necessary to ensure your belongings travel safely to their new home. If you are moving within the island of Ireland, we can deliver your shipment to your new front door. And of course, if you are moving overseas, we can deliver to the nearest port or in some locations to your home.

Advantages of Using Personal Shipping Services for Your Move

The two key advantages of using personal shipping services for your move are cost and confidence. You pay less – often a lot less – than if you hired a moving company. And you have the control of packing your items yourself instead of trusting strangers to take the care you would with personal and fragile items.

Cost is always a factor when you are relocating, whether you are moving across town or to the other side of the world. With so many expenses associated with buying or renting a new home, saving on the moving costs can help. You risk damaging your belongings if you skimp on some things. Sturdy, clean moving boxes are essential, for example. Moving companies can be pricey, and of course, you know that anyone handling your things is reliable and trustworthy. By hiring personal shipping services instead, you can have the security of knowing that dependable professionals are transporting your things in secure, appropriate vehicles without the cost of a removals company.

Packing your own things means you won’t have to worry about that favourite vase or set of wine glasses being handled by someone who doesn’t treasure them. If you do it yourself, you can take the time to ensure your precious, delicate things are protected well. You also know exactly what is in which box. That makes your first days in your new home a lot easier. Organise your boxes in the way that makes the most sense to you.

Using personal shipping services instead of removals company gives you the savings you need to relieve the financial stress of moving and the security of knowing you’ve packed your belongings yourself. If you’re preparing to move, contact us today to see how we can make it easier.