Relocating: What to Know about Shipping Personal Items

realocating shipping personal items

Relocating overseas has never been easier. Today, you can get an incredible amount of detailed information about where you’d like to live from your phone or another mobile device. You can read local papers, study detailed maps, join online groups and see photos. You can look for work or for a home online, find restaurants and shops, and learn about the entertainment and leisure options the city offers. If you are considering or preparing for overseas relocation, you’ll also need to know a little more about finding your actual home and how you’ll furnish it. Will you be shipping personal items? Do you need to send a shipping container overseas? Should you replace all your furniture? Luckily for you, you can also find those answers online, thanks to Spratt Personal Shipping. See it below. 

Know the Neighbourhoods & Commuter Options

One of the first things to consider is what part of town you want to live in. If you are going for school or a specific job, you obviously want easy access to that. It’s easy to research public transport and look for housing in neighbourhoods that make your commute easy. Alternatively, you can also check car prices online or verify if the area has enough cycle paths or is a cycling-friendly place. Families will want to learn about local schools,  and parks, museums and areas with fun activities to everyone. It’s always good to check the local newspapers to get a deeper understanding of the areas, facilities and activities in which your future neighbours are involved. 

Do Your Homework about Housing

Regardless of what part of town you choose, you need to understand the local housing market. If you will be renting, research whether furnished or unfurnished rentals are more common. If it is primarily unfurnished rentals, look into what exactly that means. This is a major factor to guide your decisions about shipping personal items.  In some countries, an unfurnished rental will include kitchen appliances, window furnishings and even a few pieces of furniture, while in other places, an unfurnished home will be stripped bare and you might want to send a shipping container overseas with all of your furniture, kitchen things, and the like. This is the kind of information you’ll find both in rental websites and local forums and online communities. Don’t be afraid to ask! 

Shipping Personal Items vs. Replacing Them

Because you can check prices of new and second-hand furniture and other household items online, you can compare it to the cost of shipping your personal items to the cost of replacing them. It can mean the difference between sending a few boxes of sentimental things and sending a shipping container of your furniture overseas. The thing to remember is to compare like with like and ensure that the quality of items available in your price range is satisfactory.

Moving overseas might be easier than ever, but doing a bit of research online and finding the right company for shipping personal items makes it even more straightforward. Most people only move a few times in their life, but at Spratt, we help people move overseas every day. Call us and find out how we can make your move easier.