Personal Shipping Services for Tradespeople and Carpenters


Qualified tradespeople and carpenters are in demand in different places at different times. One of the great things about having such a skill is that you can often find opportunities to work abroad, seeing a bit of the world and furthering your career. While the requirements for plying your chosen trade differ from one place to another, wherever you go, you will need the tools of your trade. Getting everything probably required a significant investment, and replacing them would generally be prohibitively expensive. Instead, you can use personal shipping services to get your tools and equipment wherever you need them safely.

International shipping companies can transport your clothing and personal items as well as your professional tools to destinations around the world. But it is up to you to prepare and pack them properly, and to confirm what you can and can’t use in your new location. Electrical equipment, for example, is a problem because different countries have different types of plugs and different levels of current. Check with the local union or trades organisation to ensure the tools you have can be used there, and to ensure your qualifications and certifications will be recognised.

How to Pack Professional Tools

Packing your professional tools for personal shipping services is not the same as simply tossing everything in your toolbox as someone might do with household tools. These are your livelihood. You do precise and detailed work with them, so you need to protect them well.

The first step is to clean everything well and dry each piece completely. Wet or dirty items can rust in transit. Remove blades, bits and other similar parts as these can be damaged easily. If any of your equipment uses fuel such as petrol, drain it out and dispose of it responsibly. It is dangerous to transport.

 Items that have their own cases with padding in the appropriate shape should be packed in those cases, but what about the other things? Use blade covers, preferably firm rubber ones. You can wrap items without individual cases or blade covers in layers of rags with tape to hold the wrapping in place. Use plenty because sharp or heavy pieces can easily piece thin cloths or paper. The idea is to protect any edges from damage as they will be jostled in transit.

Place your items in protective boxes that can’t be pierced, such as plastic or metal toolboxes. Remember that these items are heavy. Don’t pack too much in one box. Ensure that all boxes are securely latched or taped closed and won’t pop open spilling your valuable tools. Labelling the boxes will make it easy to set up when you reach your destination.

Personal shipping services can safely transport your professional tools and equipment to help you get started in a new location. Although they are the tools of your trade, they are considered personal items by international shipping companies as you are shipping them as an individual. If you have any questions about the best way to ship your professional tools and equipment, we’re here to help. Get in touch today and we can help you find the best way to transport your work things.


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