Making Yourself at Home When You Move Abroad

Preparing to Live in a New Country

When you move overseas, you can expect to experience a mash up of conflicting emotions. Excitement, anxiety, wonder, homesickness, pride. They’re all part of it. You can, however, minimise the hard parts with a bit of prep. When you are preparing to ship your belongings internationally, you can start preparing to hit the ground running in your new home.

In the run up to the big move, you have lots of tasks to get ready. You have to pack and get freight quotes for international shipping from Ireland. Dealing with utility companies, checking your passport, visa, flights, etc. can feel like a full-time job. But some of the things you do to prepare for an overseas move are a lot more fun.

Top 10 Tips for Preparing to Live in a New Country

These ten tips aren’t exactly chores, but you will settle in more easily if you take the time to do them before you go.

1.       Learn the language. With so many language apps out there now, you can learn on your own schedule. You can also find online tutoring and maybe even a local conversational group to really hone your skills.

2.       Study the layout of the town online. Where would we be without good old Google maps? Of course you can look at a book or even a paper map, but Street View gives you a real sense of navigating your new neighbourhood.

3.       Try local dishes before you go. See if you can find a restaurant near you offering the cuisine that will be your new normal. If not, you can find recipes online and give it a lash yourself.

4.       Make concrete plans to visit important heritage sites. Giving yourself specific things to look forward to can help quell any pre-move nerves or cold feet. If you are relocating for work, having plans to do things outside of the job gives your first weeks some balance.

5.       Learn the rules of the road and other laws. Never make assumptions that laws are the same everywhere. Depending on where you are heading, you might be very surprised. Also, check that everything in your international shipping from Ireland is legal in your destination. Certain supplements, medications and other items might not be.

6.       Figure out the major bank and public holidays. It’s a surreal feeling to head out in the morning on time for work with plans only to discover that everything is closed.

7.       Read local papers. The local news can give you a real flavour of life in your future home, and thanks to the internet you can read it from home.

8.       Bring your favourite foods. You’ll certainly miss some familiar flavours unless you remember to pack them when you ship your personal belongings internationally.

9.       Pack some comfort items. When you look around your home, what do you see that you would miss? Your favourite throw blanket? A memento from a special holiday? That sweet drawing your child made? Don’t leave them behind!

10.   Schedule some video chat dates. Busy lives and time differences can make it hard to meet up online spontaneously. Start off on the right foot by organising video dates with your mates at home before you go.

When you’re ready to ship personal belongings internationally, start by calling us at Spratt Personal Shipping to get a quote and all the information you need.