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Everybody has differing tastes in cars. Some people like their cars to be sensible and compact while others prefer their cars to be be big and flash.

There’s the speed merchants and then the classy types and then there are those classic car enthusiasts who won’t even look at a vehicle manufactured post-1980!

With this variety of car owners it’s easy to see why some people consider their car to be their pride and joy and can’t bear to go anywhere without it. With thousands of people emigrating every year to various different continents it’s no surprise that international car shipping has become so popular.

For those in love with their car there’s a natural concern about the welfare and security of their vehicle as it moves in transit across the world.

Here at Spratt Personal Shipping we take the security and safety of our clients possessions little and large very seriously. Every step is taken to ensure each item arrives in it’s destination as immaculate and pristine as when it left, and on time!

car shipping to all over the world from Dublin, Ireland

With our extensive network of shipping agents based at all major ports around the world, Spratt Personal Shipping is Ireland’s number one choice for shipping vehicles of all sizes, performance and quantities.

We work with a lot of Irish car dealerships to import cars from all continents and we also offer a rail car mover service for car transportation so have a browse at our pictures above which gives you an idea of the type of cars we have shipped before to their owner’s delight.

We’ve even shipped famous cars too! We once had the privilege of shipping one of the cars from The Beatles 1969 Abbey Road Album, you can more read about that story here.


Spratt Personal Shipping is a name you can trust for  car  shipping worldwide, if you would like to request a free quick quote do not hesitate to get in touch.


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  1. I read your website and i got lot of knowledge.every person very tension to take care of own vehicle they found that type of service for own vehicle that will take secure to them i like your car shipping service,i also join to your service for my own car.

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