Using Affordable International Shipping for Your Holidays

Using Affordable International Shipping for Your Holidays

Reading about the chaos in airports around the world, you might be tempted to hop into a large box and try to find the best freight company to send you to your destination! While international shipping companies can’t transport you, we can help with your luggage. Recent headlines reveal that more than 4,000 pieces of lost luggage are stranded at Dublin Airport while workers struggle to reunite them with their owners. It isn’t only Dublin. The Guardian recently referred to it as a ‘global lost luggage crisis,’ and reports a 24% increase in lost luggage over last year. Using affordable international shipping can save a lot of heartache for travellers.

If you will be staying with friends or family – or at an accommodating B&B or Airbnb – you can arrange for your hosts to accept your suitcases before you arrive. Hotels and resorts might be less enthusiastic, but it is well worth a try as some really do go the extra mile.

Save Time, Money and Sanity with Cheap Shipping

It makes sense to pack ahead of your trip, so why not take it a step further and send your suitcase before you go to the airport? International shipping companies can collect your luggage from your door and deliver it to wherever you’ll be staying on your holidays. It can be waiting for you at your accommodation when you arrive.

Affordable international shipping means your luggage travels separately from you – but securely. It can be delivered right to your door before or shortly after you arrive. You can board your plane with only your carry-on luggage with some essentials, and leave the airport without any delays at baggage claim. It will give you a head start on the rest of the flight for getting to your transportation out to your accommodation. And if you have a connecting flight, you have no worries about finding your luggage or having it put on the wrong plane for that leg of your trip.

What Is the Cheapest Service to Ship Internationally?

International shipping rates are based on both the size of your shipment and the method of shipping. (The destination is also a factor.) Generally, the lighter and smaller your suitcase is, the less it costs. Surface is usually cheaper than air, but it takes longer.

To get the cheapest shipping rate possible, you can pack well ahead of your trip and send your suitcase weeks before you go. You can also pack as compactly as possible. Stuff pairs of socks into your shoes. Roll your lightweight clothing tightly. If you are bringing anything fragile, use clothing to wrap it up instead of bubble wrap.

If you have any questions about using affordable international shipping for your holidays abroad, why not contact us today? At Spratt Personal Shipping, we have the experience and established shipping routes to get your suitcase anywhere you’d like to go.