Why Use Surface Shipping When You Move Overseas?

If you are planning to study abroad, relocate overseas for a job, retire in another country or make an international move for any other reason, you will need to debate air shipping versus surface shipping. Sometimes you have little choice. That bedroom set is not going on an aeroplane, after all! Or if you have to get things to your destination as fast as possible, air shipping is the obvious option. But often, if you are bringing several boxes of your belongings rather than a container load of household furniture, you have to consider the benefits of surface freight shipping compared to air.

International shipping rates are based on distance, the size and weight of your shipment and the method of shipping – i.e., road, sea or air. In general, sending your personal shipping by air is faster but more expensive while using road or sea freight costs less money but takes more time. But saving money is only one of the benefits of surface shipping.

Carbon Footprint of Surface Vs Air Shipping

We all want to do our bit for the environment – especially if it doesn’t involve too much sacrifice or expense. Using surface shipping for your international move is one of those rare chances to save money while also lowering your carbon footprint. While every shipping method has an impact on the environment, air freight is the most significant. Sending your belongings by road or sea (aka surface shipping) is the greenest choice. According to the carbon footprint calculator site 8 Billion Trees, air freight produces 47 times more greenhouse gases than sea freight. The sea shipping sector has also developed some ways to reduce their impact such as travelling at a slower rate, using propulsion efficiency devices and planning routes based on weather conditions.

Give Yourself Time with Sea or Road Shipping

We’re all in a hurry but often we find that isn’t the best approach. If you are relocating, you might need some time to find a home before you want your belongings with you. Of course, you’ll need some essentials right away, and you can take those on a flight with you. But other items such as holiday decorations, clothes for other seasons, books, exercise equipment and the like can wait. If you are staying in a hotel or with a friend, you probably don’t want to have everything you own right there right away. Instead, you can send it shortly before you leave, and depending on your destination, collect it at the delivery port some weeks later – once you have found a place to live.

It can also make moving out of your home in Ireland easier if you can pack up some boxes and send them a couple weeks before you leave, knowing that you’ll still arrive in your destination before them.

If you’re planning to use personal shipping for an international move and have some questions about whether air freight or surface freight is best for you, our team is on hand. Don’t hesitate to get in touch. We can advise you about how long sea or road freight will take to get where you’re going and how much money you might save by choosing surface freight.