Why Use Student Shipping Services?

When the tests are done and the sun is out, most of us are feeling carefree. But those students preparing for college in the fall have a lot on their minds. They’re waiting for CAO offers and making one of the biggest decisions they’ve ever made – where to study. For many, moving away to college will be a matter of piling their things into their parents’ car and driving off to an Irish college. But others are considering going abroad to study, and they are worrying about many more things, including how to get their baggage from Ireland to wherever they are going to study. Spratt’s student shipping services can make that journey a lot easier.

Students are excited to arrive in a new place and eager to explore it and connect with their new classmates. They have a lot to take in as they figure out how to navigate a new town and settle into their accommodation. Lugging baggage with everything they need for the school year slows them down, literally and figuratively. But they can avoid that by using international shipping from Dublin to deliver their things right to their new front door.

How Do Student Shipping Services Work?

The easiest option for students going to study abroad is to use an excess baggage shipping service that offers door to door collection and delivery. The international shipping service will collect the packed items from the student’s home and deliver them to their student accommodation. This means no hassle for the student. And that can take a lot of the fear and anxiety out of it for a young person moving away from home for the first time, allowing them to focus on the excitement and adventure instead.

Students can pack their clothes, books, bedding and other items in suitcases, duffle bags, boxes or shipping trunks. If they use boxes, it is best to avoid the ones supermarkets are getting rid of because they can be damaged or contaminated with bits of food, which will mean anything packed in them is very vulnerable to damage. A good environmentally-friendly, money-saving option is to look for suitcases at charity shops. Instead of buying packing materials, use towels and bedding to wrap up anything fragile.

Most international shipping companies offer a choice of surface or air freight. Surface freight can mean road or sea. The important things to consider when choosing are budget and timeline. Surface freight is usually slower but cheaper. For closer destinations the difference might not be significant, but the further you go, the bigger the difference in speed and price gets.

When you are planning to go overseas to study and need student shipping services, Spratt Personal Shipping is here to help. We’ve delivered shipments for students studying all over the world. We have the experience and expertise of any of the global brands, but we’re an Irish company small enough to care about each customer. Why not give us a call to learn how we can help you get a great start on your college adventure?