What to Pack in Luggage Vs What to Send

What to pack

When you are moving overseas, it isn’t always realistic to carry everything you’ll need in your luggage. Shipping personal items instead is the solution. But how to decide what to carry and what to send via parcel delivery services or personal shipping. While size is one crucial factor – you won’t be bringing your furniture or exercise bike in your luggage! – the other key consideration is how soon you will need the items. These lists will help you keep your baggage manageable while also ensuring you have the essentials.

What Will You Need in the First Days and Weeks?

You can expect to spend a short time with just what you bring or buy while waiting for your shipment from home to arrive. Here’s some of the essentials you’ll probably want.

·         Any prescriptions you need along with any over-the-counter medications and supplements you use. (Do check that what you are bringing is legal in your destination country.)

·         Toiletries and a first aid kit.

·         Towel and washcloth.

·         Two weeks’ worth of clothing including anything specific you’ll need in the first month such as business attire, exercise clothes, etc. Check the local weather before you go! Bring two or three pairs of shoes too.

·         Your devices – phone, laptop, tablet, etc.

·         Something to occupy you. Yes, your devices are great for that, but you might also be glad of a book, yoga mat or a small amount of craft supplies.

·         If you are moving directly into your own place, a sleeping bag ensures you have bedding and it is very easy to carry in your luggage.

·         For children, bringing a couple of treasured toys can be very calming, not to mention entertaining.

·         If you are bringing pets, don’t forget their essentials too – including some of their regular food.

When to Use Parcel Delivery Services

Some things can wait, and shipping personal items is easier and cheaper than lugging everything with you.

·         Out of season clothing. If you are relocating in early autumn, you probably won’t need your heaviest winter coat, scarves, hats, etc. for a while.

·         If you bring one towel and a sleeping bag, you can send the rest of your towels and bedding by parcel delivery services.

·         We all have things we don’t want to leave behind but can do without for a few weeks such as collections of books or CDs, sports equipment, pictures and posters, ornaments, your county GAA flag, board games, etc.

·         Holiday items such as your Christmas decorations, the children’s Easter baskets, etc.

·         All the rest of the toys the kids wouldn’t part with. (A photo of them packed in their box can be reassuring during the wait.)

·         Is there a food item you enjoy regularly? You might not miss it immediately, but in a few weeks a supply of your favourite crisps or tea could be very welcome.

If you have any queries about shipping personal items when you’re moving overseas, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll get your belongings to you quickly with no hassle whether you are filling a shipping container with furniture or just using our parcel delivery services to send a few boxes.